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José Docio de Lera
Hi! My name is José. This is my Deviantart page in which you can see all my pictures. I hope you like them!
You can also visit my blog (is in spanish):
And my Twitter:


I will appreciate any comment and favourite, so don´t doubt!

-NOTE: I know, Asuka and Shinji are so BIGGG!! I draw them like that so thet can be seen better. I hope you don´t mind.

-TOOLS USED: HB pencil, Staedler eraser, Letraset promarker and pantone color pens, Winsor and Newtwon brushmarker and promarker pens and Sakura pigma sensei.

-THE STORY (Yes, it has a story)

After the events of "Slaughterhouse", the Rodcap moves to the reappeared Lost Light.
Suddenly, a red, giant planet appears.

Megatron: "What is that, in the name of...?"

Ratchet: "Wait a moment. It can´t be. It´s the Earth!"

Ravage: "Don´t be stupid! Galvatron and the others are in the Earth! This planet can´t be human´s home!"

Nautica: "Unless... The quantic motors... have duplicated the Earth"

Skids: "Oh, jeez. Don´t tell me we have destroyed the universe or something. It wouldn´t be more annoying."

Swerve: "Maybe we are dead, maybe we are a step until Primus´s home! But the bad point is we are with ejem, you knowww..." (Looking to Ravage and Megatron with a sarcastic face)

Ravage: "Another joking "ejem" and I will turn you my food you little maggot"

Megatron: "Calm down, calm down. Where are Chromedome and Rewind? Are they safe?"

Blaster: "They are outside. They are making contact with me. Yes, yes... Ajam. They are ok, but a bit nervous. Logical"

Megatron: "Any ideas why Earth is red instead of blue?"

Blaster: "This liquid... It´s like blood, but, I don´t know, the scanner is crazy. The analysis set its composition is different from blood. More like the primordial liquid... Oh my God"

They look a the rest of the Eva 01 floating in space. 

Ratchet: "It´s fossilized. What the heck is that?"

Blaster: "We have life signals! Two! And Humans! What are the orders?"

Megatron (serious): "Let´s rescue them"

At the beach, Shinji looks the giant Rei with a palid, scared face. He doesn´t believe yet what he had done. Asuka is sit next to him. Shinji
doesn´t dare to look her, not after what happened. Not after she almost dead in the battle. And he´s sure she hates him. 
Suddenly, a light, and a giant robor appears. Shinji looks at the machine, an enormous robot with no face and two wheels in their shoulders. He is with a littler robot with a red face. 

Chromedome: "Don´t worry, you two. We are going to rescue you"

Shinji: "I am not worth for it. Please, take Asuka"

Rewind: (Look at Shinji, at his face) "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?"

Chromedome: "With it or not, you two are coming with us"


Chromedome take the two boys. Shinji tries to resist, but it´s not useful. The ship takes off. Shinji looks at the Earth at the last time. He whisper: "Bye, Misato, everyone. Sorry"

They arrive to the Lost Light. Ratchet stays with Asuka and Shinji at the nursing. He declares that is a miracle she has survived with these wounds. She and Shinji don´t speak a word. 
Later, Asuka sleeps. Shinji goes to the oil reservoir.

Asuka gets up, and start walking in the ship. She hears a conversation between two robots.
They talk about the strange red planet, the giant being, and the boy who went to the oil reservoir.
Asuka stops.

"Oh no" she says.
And run.

At the oil reservoir, Asuka watches how Shinji start fall in the liquid. Asuka achieves to stop him and she throws to the ground.

Asuka: "What the hell you were doing, you idiot?"

Shinji: (Look at her with the palid face again. Asuka stays petrified) "You said that. Remember? You said that I would hurt you, I would make you pain, because I never loved myself. I never loved myself. AND IT´S FUCKING TRUE! (Says angry) I NEVER LOVED MYSELF, BECAUSE I ONLY HURT PEOPLE!! Like... you. Let me end this, Asuka. Please. Let me die. LET ME DIE!!
DON´T LET ME LIVE MORE! (screams louder and louder)
Please (stars crying and look at Asuka) I beg on you. Please. Asuka, help me".

Asuka stays quiet. Her arms approach to Shinji´s neck. He closes his eyes. Asuka hugs him with love.

Shinji: "Why, Asuka?"

Asuka: "Don´t ask. You can´t love yourself if anyone loves you. I hate myself too. So let´s learn to love ourselves together, ok?"

Shinji hugs Asuka.

Hours after, Chromedome and Rewind come to the pair. Shinji sleeps over Asuka´s legs, and she look with a maternal face to Shinji. Then, she looks at the two robots.

Asuka: "You are..."

Chromedome: "The two that rescued you. This is Rewind, and I am Chromedome. Nice to meet you... oh." (Looks at Shinji)

Rewind: "Are you ok? The others were a bit scary with the screams. Seriously, nobody want to come here and see what was going on!"

Asuka laughs softly. 

Chromedome: "We went to see if you were ok, and to tell you we land in a planet. Its atmosphere it´s full of oxygen, so you can come with us and see the stars. If you want. Maybe you prefer see the planet..."

Rewind: "Oh, Chromedome, don´t be so importunate. They are tired, surely they want to stay in their room, or something else."

Asuka: "Oh, don´t worry. I want to see the stars. Wait, I will wake up Shinji"

Later, at the Lost Light roof, the four watches the beautiful and nightly sky. 

Chromedome and Rewind embrace together. Shinji and Asuka look at each other, and embrace too.

Maybe they can learn to love theirselves together.

I hope so.


Hi, guys. 
If you check my gallery, you will see a lot of changes. Don´t worry, I just added some folders in order to organize my deviations. Here you have a list of the folders:

Anime fan art: Here you can enjoy of pictures about japanese animation.

Comics fan art: In this folder we have comic´s pictures. Not only american comics, also japanese and european.

Crossovers: Oh, this is so special! In this case, you can enjoy characters from different franchises sharing the same picture!

Movies: Here you can see my deviations about the 7th art, including animation films (from any country) 

TV series: In this folder, we have deviations from american cartoons, like Steven Universe. 

Videogames: We like to play videogames, isn´t it? Well, you got its appropiate folder!

Other stuff: Pictures about a lot of different subjects. Also included skecthes.

NOTE: In many folders, you can see repeated a picture. It´s not an error, it´s just maybe a picture (for example a crossover) is about anime, movie and videogames. I hope this doesn´t confuse you.

I also updated the Featured gallery with the most visited and commented deviations.

Have a nice day!


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